Rigid Bag Filter Carbon


  • High specific absorption efficiency
  • High contamination removal capacities
  • Self support and rigid
  • Excellent pressure drop, save energy
  • V-cell type, panel type available
  • Large filter surface and long service life
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight plastic frame
  • No dust release
  • No dust regeneration

More Info

Frame; %100 recycled plastic frame (PP)

Media Weight; 400gsm

Gasket; Without

Type; High efficiency, activated carbon

Media; AC between sythetic layer

Flammability Class; K2/F2 for normal Temp

Final Pressure Drop; 450Pa

Max. Operating Temperature; 50°C

Filters are specially effective against;

  • Smog, ozone etc
  • Combustion and diesel gases
  • General personnel and hospital odours
  • Solvent and thinner vapours from paint and varnish
  • Glue, rubber or cleaning agent vapours
  • Cooking and decaying food odours

Application Areas

  • Public bulding
  • Airport
  • Workshops
  • Spray painting tunnels
  • Hospitals
  • Food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Industrial and civil air conditioning systems