CF Compact Filter


  • Maintance costs are reduced with large filter surface
  • Low pressure drop, less energy consumption
  • Long service life with using high quality filter media
  • Better cleaning efficiency
  • Inner perforated galvanized metal allows good airflow for dust collection filters
  • Inner and outer perforated galvanized metals protect glass fibre media for gas turbine filters
  • Rubber or PU foam gasket to ensure airtight sealing
  • Galvanized steel and caps have strong construction
  • Hotmelt can be carried out on both inner and outer perforated metal to increase rigidity of pleats on request
  • Self-supporting and rigid, easy mounted
  • Equal spacing between each pleat enable air flow to pass through the filter media

Filter Paper Type for ATRITECH Cylindrical Filters

  • Polyester
  • Plain, Water and Oil repellent, Antistatic, PTFE membrane
  • Water repellent glass fibre
  • Synthetic & Glass Fibre
  • Cellulose & Synthetic Blend
  • Synthetic


  • Pleated dust collection cylindirical filters are made up of %100 right weight of spun bonded polyester media according to customer’s request
  • Suitable for the filtration of fine dust type in plastics, spray powder, sand blasting, pigment and wood industries
  • Excellent moisture resistance and dust release proporties
  • Washable, durable and rigid material

It Is Suitable for The Filtration of Very Fine Dust in:

  • Gas turbines
  • Compressors
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Food industries
  • Construction industries
  • Sticky dust collections
  • Welding processing
  • Power plants

Air Intake Cylindrical Filters

  • Modern and reliable for gas turbines and air compressors
  • The variety and range of materials and specifications make it possible to find convenient filter media for any environmental conditions
  • Using the quality of the materials ensures high performance standards