Roll Filter Glass Fibre


  • Simple and light weight
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Disposable
  • Glass fibre pad with progressive density
  • Strong resilient design
  • Impregnated with gel-like adhesive

More Info


RFG is a high efficiency glass media which offers better value for money compared to standard, permanent
metal filters. RFG pads are particularly suited for use in engine, turbine and smooth flow compressor air
intake applications.


RFG is a disposable glass fibre pad. This pad consists of continuous glass fibres whose diameter becomes smaller and the weave progressively tighter from the
air entering to air leaving side. This structure allows dirt to penetrate deep into the media,utilizing the full depth of the pad. At those places where the fibres
cross, they are glued together with a thermosetting plastic bond to form a strong, thick, resilient pad.
The dust holding capacity is further increased by impregnating the media with “Viscosine”. This gel-like adhesive will not migrate at temperatures up to
l00∞C. By compressing the RFG pad into a retaining frame of 50 mm depth, the density and therefore the efficiency is increased even more.