PFH Panel Filter with Header


  • Large surface area
  • Low pressure drop
  • Header depths are 20 and 25mm
  • Small transport volume
  • Airflow and installation in any direction possible
  • Self-supporting and rigid
  • Simple and light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Long service life

More Info

Filter Standard; EN779 and ISO16890

Media; Glass Fibre

Frame type; Anodized rigid aluminium

Faceguard; Without (available on request)

Depth; 100, 130 and 149mm

Final Pressure Drop; 450 Pa

Max. Operating Temperature; 75° C

Application; Prefilter for HVAC

Sealing Compound; Two component polyurethane

Seperator; Hotmelt

ATRITECH wide range of Rigid filters answer the demands of our customers to remove air contamination such as fine dust, smoke, vapour, soot, pollen, bacteria,
etc. as prefilters or as final filters in air conditioning applications.

ATRITECH Rigid Filters offer a high dust holding capacity and long service life with optimum filtration area according to system capactiy. Fully incinerable plastic frame constructed from recycleable materials reduce its impact                  on the environment.

Rigid Filters are suitable for all standard application in any efficiencies and sizes. For applications requiring increased service life, please select corresponding filters out of filter range.

Anodized aluminium frame provides mechanical stable and strenght despite of the low weight.