Bag Filter Synthetic

Bag Filter Synthetic


  • Simple and light weight
  • No special mechanical support required
  • Standard pocket filter frames
  • Self-supporting pockets
  • Synthetic bags
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long service life
  • Small transport volume
  • Wide range of application area
  • Easy installation

More Info

Filter Standard; EN779 and ISO16890

Media; Synthetic

Frame type; Galvanized metal (25mm)

Final Pressure Drop; 450 Pa

Max. Operating Temperature; 75° C

Application; Prefilter for HVAC

The filters are used as pre- or main filter in; *Operating theatres, hospitals and air conditioning applications (HVAC)                                                                                          *Industrial processes like chemical, power generation, microelectronics,  pharmaceutical, the food industry, optical, microbiology, medicine etc.

M5, F6, F7,F8, and F9 filters are made from synthetic fibres
specially designed tapered bag which allow for smooth air flow.
The bags are mounted air tightly into a frame made of galvanized metal, without using glue.