• It is a Hydrogen Sulphide (H₂S) scavenger in anaerobic atmosphere, consisting of Iron Hydroxide ( Fe(OH)₃), blended into a proprietary pelletized support
  • It's main application is the removal of Hydrogen Sulphur (H₂S) from anaerobic gas streams, e.g. biogas
  • In the absence of oxygen, ATRI-Bi-On Fe displays a higher Hydrogen Sulphur (H₂S) breakthrough capacity than a caustic impregnated activated carbon
  • May undergo at least 10 cycles before exhaustion and disposal
  • Each cycle results in the abatement of 45 mg H₂S per gram of ULP-Bi-On Fe

Target Pollutans

Hydrogen Sulphur (H₂S)

Application Areas

Biogas Plants

Filter type ; Chemical Filter

Media type ; Impregnated with Iron compounds (Fe)

Characteristic ; High efficiency, zeolite based

NOTE : Colour change when the product is exhaust.Visual indicator of the product life.It turns from yellow to black when fully spent.

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